Lisa Shepard
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Time to Move Forward
When automobiles were first invented, they were hand-made and used only by the wealthy.

When mass production was introduced, the auto becase affordable. Autos that cost $5,000 now could be purchased for $850 - less than a wagon and team of horses! The average American with a job found a whole new perspective on freedom. Society found a whole new economy based on reliable, inexpensive personal transportation.

Aircraft Design
Many people around the world have a passion for aircraft design. At SW-AIR, we are no different.

What sets us apart is our goal: Affordability for the average American.

Government bureaucracy has created a few very profitable companies, united in freezing General Aviation from moving out of their control and profit.

New advances in aircraft construction materials and methods allow manufacturere to make an aircraft for a fraction of the cost they charge. Profit margins in the 100's of percentile ensure that only very wealthy people can personally own an aircraft.

An engine for the average automobile costs only hundreds to produce. They are fully computer controlled, start and run flawlessly at any altitude in almost any weather. They are very efficient, powerful, and reliable with long life spans. General aviation engines, on the other hand, have not changed in 40 years. They cost upwards of $20,000, tempermental to start, and require the pilot to babysit the fuel/air mixture just to keep it running without damage. Adding just a simple computer module to a GA engine runs upwards of $10,000. The same basic system on a cheap import car costs under $200, and usually is so reliable and foolproof it lasts the life of the car.

New aircraft have to be catagorized as "experimental" or "certified". In order to guarantee the profits of the established Aircraft manufacturers, the Federal Government has created a bureaucracy so complex and difficult that it can cost $10,000,000 or more to get the title "certified".

SW-AIR is determined to find a way to produce an affordable aircraft in spite of the entrenched status quo.

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